This is my math goal from last week I’ve been focusing on, which is ratios and the concepts that wraps around it. And these are my progress and how much I understand what a ratio is/means:

What are ratios?

Ratios are proportions that compares different values to each other, and shows the relationships of different amounts and numbers; these are examples of them:

As you can see there are 2 numbers at the side and : in the middle, it is to compare the first value to the second value. For example: There is 1 cow and 5 chickens in the farm. Compare the amounts of cow to the amounts of the chickens. The answer would be 1 to 5. Because there is 1 cow and there are % chickens, so comparing the values of them would be 1 to 5. But in the ratio form it would be 1:5.



Why do we need them in real life??

We can normally see a lot of ratios in our life, but it’s just so unnoticeable and small. These are all the examples of ratios represented in real life:


They can be a big deal in buying foods from the grocery store. For example; There are 2 different brand of milk. The first one is 2L for 1$ and the second one is 1L for 2$. USing ratio we can tell that the first one is better and have a better deal.


Thank u for reading!!


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