This week I tried finding what is an apostrophe so here’s a simple evidence that I’ve understood the concept of it. Here is a simple introduction to it:


What is apostrophe?

Apostrophe is a symbol that can mark possession, contraction and plural single letter.

This is an apostrophe (‘), it’s not a flying comma, or a quotation mark split in half. It is very helpful and it shortens up words that are too long.




DDFEA420-B5AB-4D10-B38E-451E98768BB4.jpegPossessions tells the readers the ownerships of the objects, for example:

The bag is from Emilia

Emilia’s bag

The fault is from Emilia

It’s Emilia’s fault

In this case, Possession is very helpful and shortens sentences and makes things clear.




83FC2979-B482-421B-B66E-6AA89FA98BFBContraction is to shorten vocabularies and make things much more easier and faster to write,   another example:

Should not = Shouldn’t

Is not= Isn’t

Should have = Should’ve

Do not= Don’t

This is not my fault. It should have been Emilia who owns this fault. Do not talk to me like this.

This isn’t my fault. It should’ve been Emilia’s fault. Don’t talk to me like this.

As you can see, things are so much easier and shorter


Mark plural single letters


Apostrophe has so much usage and this is maybe the last usage it has. It marks plural single letter(s), might sounds confusing but it’s totally amazing.


I have 3 es in my name

I have 3 E’s in my name


Bs = B’s


It makes things so much clear than having to understand words that looks familiar

This is my writing of about WWII and this includes a lot of evidence that I uses apostrophe 😉




Apostrophe is such a useful thing you need in writing and makes a lot of things easier 😉



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