Classify triangles

These are the different types of triangles and how to classify them:



Identify triangles by the length of the triangles:

Isosceles triangles


When a triangle has 2 equal length sides, it is called an idosceles triangle. Like the picture show above, the ac side has the same length ad cb so it has the diagonal mark — and resembles an isosceles triangle

Equilateral triangles


Equilateral triangles are triangles that has equal lenthgs of all 3 sides and equal angle for all three corners just like the picture how above. A triangle only has 180 degrees altogether for 3 corners, so an equilateral would always have 60 degrees for each corner since every single corner has to have the same angle and same length. Hehe. Logik.


Scalene Triangle

A scalene triangle has no equal length of sides and no equal angles. So the triangle would look quite odd in different shapes.


Here’s a small review of all triangles that can be identified and classified by the lengths of their sides


Identify triangles by their angles:


Right triangle


Right triangles are triangles tat only has 1 right angle (s).


Obtuse triangles


Obtuse triangle are triangles that has only 1 obtuse angle that means 1 angle more than 90 degrees.

acute triangles

To identify  an acute triangles you have to be able to check if the angles are smaller than 90 degrees and all angles as to be less than it.



This is how to identify the triangles an how to classify them thank you for reading bye!!!!!!!@


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