Adding, subtracting, divide, multiply fractions

My goal was to make sure I know 3 math concepts addition subtraction multiplication and division towards fractions. I also learned about how to find a fraction of a number. I was to find out what they were and explain my knowledge of it.


Adding and Subtracting Fractions:

So adding fractions are actually simply just finding the common denominator and finding the equivalent fractions for it. So for example 3/4 + 6/8 we would need to find the common multiple for the denominator. And both of them has a multiple of 8 so we  can make 3/4 have a denominator that is 8. So 3/4 would be 3/8, but then that wouldn’t make sense because it’s 2 times smaller. So we also need to times 3 by 2 so it gets even into an equivalent fraction. And the reason we times it by 2 is because to turn 4 into 8 we multiply by 2 so we do the same thing to the numerator as well. And it would equal to 6/8, and then now it’s to the second number 5/8, but it already have a denominator that is 8. So it would be the same. And the final equation would be 6/8+6/8 and we would only be adding the numerators. And the answe would be 12/8 and simplified into 1 1/2.


Multiplying Fractions:

So multiplying fraction are sm easier you just need to multiply the numerator and the numerator and multiply the denominator and the denominator. And you would get the answer.


Dividing Fractions

So dividing fraction is complicated, you would need to flip the second fraction and you multiply the fractions. And then you will get the result.


How to find a fraction of a number

So if a question asks you to find 2/3 of 24. You can divide 24 by 3, that means 8 and that is 1/3. Then you can multiply it by 2 to find out 2/3 of 24. That would be 16. And we can find out th answer.


Real life examples

Fractions are necessary when you cook, you would need to subtract add and do many operations to figure out the measurements



My evidence I’ve learned::




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